Practical Tips for a Holiday Cookie Decorating Party

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Have you ever wanted to host a holiday cookie decorating party, but you’re not sure where to start? It’s one of our family’s favorite Christmas traditions, so I’m sharing some practical tips for hosting your very own cookie decorating party. I opted to not make this into a complicated styled shoot, so hopefully this looks like something you could successfully pull off in your own home. This post is geared towards decorating with kids, but most of it could easily translate to an adult party as well.

The Invitation: It’s such a busy time of year for mail with sending out and receiving holiday cards. Save yourself some time and money and send out a quick online invitation. I used Evite to upload my own design, but they also have this cute design ready to go. If you like mine, you can download the graphic here to add to your own free Evite invitation.

Evite cookie decorating invitation

The Dough: Make your cookie dough several days ahead of time. I like to make the dough, roll it out on parchment paper, and refrigerate it that way. Then you’re ready to cut out and bake the cookies the day before your party. If the idea of all of that scares you, buy some rolls of store-bought sugar cookie dough. The kids will have just as much fun decorating the baked cookies! I’d say you want enough dough to make between 3-6 cookies per person that will be decorating.

The Cookie Recipe: If you decide to go homemade, my favorite cut-out cookie recipe is always going to be this one. It’s a not-too-sweet cookie that holds its shape beautifully. The “secret” ingredient is a little bit of cinnamon and it makes a subtle but important flavor impact.  This year I also made a chocolate cookie to mix things up. I used this yummy recipe from Sally’s Baking Addiction. The chocolate background really makes colored icing details pop.

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The Cookie Cutters: I have a huge assortment of cookie cutters, but my absolute favorites for Christmas are these grippy cutters from Wilton.

The Icing: You’ve got a choice here… royal icing or buttercream. Royal icing pipes well and dries hard, which is nice to be able to stack and transport the finished cookies. Buttercream is better for kids to spread onto their cookies and I personally think it’s yummier. My 6 year old loves the taste of the royal icing too though. If you go with royal icing, I recommend this recipe and then just add water until it’s a good piping consistency. You can put your colored royal icing into plastic piping bags and secure them at the top with a rubber band or twist tie so that the icing doesn’t accidentally get squeezed back out of the top of the bag. I just snip off the tip of these bags and don’t bother with icing tips. If buttercream is more your thing, I love the frosting recipe from these cookies.

holiday cookie decorating tips 7The Sprinkles: We love giving each child a plastic palette with an assortment of sprinkles in each well. This way they can use their fingers to pinch and sprinkle instead of dumping out larger quantities onto their cookie. I’ve seen that happen many, many times.

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The Decorations: My house is already pretty well decorated for Christmas, but I wanted to add a few decorations just for our cookie decorating party. I used my Cookie Decorating printable decor that I shared for free on We Heart Parties a few years back along with some new decorations from Oriental Trading.

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The Tables: If you have child sized tables then definitely use them. If not, your dining room table will work great. I highly recommend covering all decorating surfaces with a disposable table covering though. I used a roll of brown packing paper this time and topped it with a cute disposable table runner. An inexpensive plastic table cloth works well too. After cookie decorating is done you can just wrap up all the mess (and there will most definitely be a mess) and get rid of it quickly.

holiday cookie decorating tips 4

The Snacks: Plenty of cookie and frosting consumption will occur during decorating. To avoid complete sugar overload, provide some healthier snacks for munching on.

holiday cookie decorating tips 14

The Craft: Have a plan for when the cookie decorating is done, but you’re not quite ready for the party to be over. A holiday cookie themed craft is the perfect activity for kids at this point. We made these adorable plush gingerbread boys and girls from rel=”nofollow”Oriental Trading.

holiday cookie decorating tips 9

holiday cookie decorating tips 1

The Trip Home: It’s a nice touch to provide boxes for your guests to take their cookies home in.

holiday cookie decorating tips 12

Happy Decorating!!

Holiday Card Display with Caravan Printables

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Holiday cards make the season bright for me! It’s always nice to find cards from loved ones among all of the bills, catalogs, and junk mail in the mailbox. I love that photo cards are so commonplace now and that I get to see the smiling faces of our friends and family on their cards. Because I enjoy receiving holiday cards so much, I make sure to send them out to a pretty extensive list every year. With all the craziness that takes place in December, sometimes they end up being New Years cards, but I’m ok with that too.

I’ve never found a way to display the cards that we receive that is perfect for us and our home. This year I decided to try something new and I am so excited with how it turned out. I’ve always admired the oversized printable posters that Caravan Shoppe has available for the holidays. I downloaded their Bright Season Printable Poster for free and sent it to Staples to be printed as a 36 x 48″ engineering print. The large scale black and white print cost me less than $8! I secured the poster to my wall in my entryway using blue painter’s tape and then hung a snowflake garland to frame it. There was lots of space around the words on the poster to hang holiday cards. I attached glittery clothespins directly to the poster, but you could also use more painter’s tape to stick the cards on.

holiday card display idea 5

Since it’s not quite December, we haven’t received any cards yet this year. I pulled out some of my favorites from past years so that I could share this holiday card display idea with you ASAP. I always keep the photo cards that we receive each year and it’s so fun looking through them when I pull out the Christmas boxes to decorate the house. I especially love to see the cards that I’ve created with our family photos to send out in recent years. It’s hard to wrap my head around the fact that we were a family of 3 just two years ago. Crazy!

holiday card display idea 9

holiday card display idea 4

holiday card display idea 7

Just like in past years, I ordered Tiny Prints holiday cards from Shutterfly this year. In my opinion, navy blue can be incorporated into almost any color palette… it’s my favorite! I was so excited to find this navy blue Christmas design from Hello Little One that also tied in more traditional red and green foliage along with a beautiful deep turquoise color. The color palette on the tri-fold Fantastic Festive Foliage holiday card coordinated perfectly with our gorgeous family portraits that we took with Angela Garzon Photography earlier this year. And, because I’m crazy like that, I was also able to coordinate the envelope liner and the custom envelope addressing perfectly with our card. All that made this stylist very happy!

holiday card display idea 11

holiday card display idea 1

holiday card display idea 10

Time for me to grab a cup of coffee and start stuffing those envelopes so that I can make the season a little brighter for our family’s loved ones.  If you’re looking for a fun way to make stuffing, addressing, sealing, and stamping a little less of a chore, check out my Holiday Preparation Party for ideas about getting all of that done with friends.

holiday card display idea 0

Printable Poster Holiday Card Display

– Printable Holiday Poster from Caravan Printables ( I used this one)
Blue Painter’s Tape
Glitter Clothespins
– Hot Glue or Craft Glue
– Garland or Lights (optional)


  • Print the poster as a 36 x 48″ engineering print. I like to use my local Staples print center for this. 
  • Secure the poster to your wall using plenty of blue painter’s tape rolled and hidden behind the poster along the edges. 
  • Frame the poster by hanging a garland around it if you wish. 
  • Use hot glue or craft glue to secure the clothespins onto to the poster in the negative space around the words.
  • Clip up your holiday cards as you receive them in the mail.

holiday card display idea 6


Build Your Own Snowman Kit: a holiday classroom gift

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build your own snowman classroom gift 2

There is so much joy in giving and I want to teach my children all about that joy now when they are young. During the holiday season there are so many opportunities to give, so it’s the perfect time to involve the kids. A classroom gift was a natural way to incorporate giving since we love our school family and want to celebrate the holidays with them. My six-year-old daughter helped me assemble and test out our Build Your Own Snowman Kit gift and she is so excited to hand them out to her classmates before the winter holiday break.

When thinking about what we wanted to give, we decided to avoid a sugary treat since they are already so abundant this time of year. We also wanted to stick to a winter themed gift to be sure to include all of our friends that celebrate different holidays in December. With the 2 week winter break from school, I thought parents might appreciate an activity that would keep little hands busy for some time. And thus, the Build Your Own Snowman Kits were born!

build your own snowman classroom gift 6

You could use any number of supplies to create your own version of this gift, but I’ll show you what we used to get you started. Oriental Trading had everything we needed to make this idea a reality. We used white Crayola Model Magic as our modeling agent, but clay or play dough would also work well. We love Model Magic because it’s fun to play with, easy to model with, and it air-dries so you can make your final creation permanent! It’s also paintable, so you can use your leftover white Model Magic for another project. We included lots of crafting supplies like buttons, ribbon, pipe cleaners, googly eyes, craft foam, and faux snow. With 2 (1 oz) packs of Model Magic I made two snowmen and my daughter was able to make 6 tiny snowmen.

build your own snowman classroom gift 8

Here are our test run creations. The top snowmen were made by my 6.5 year old (complete with eyelashes drawn on) and the bottom snowmen were made by me. They remind me a little of Sam the Snowman from the stop-motion movie classic Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer.

build your own snowman classroom gift 7

All of the supplies looked awesome packaged up in clear boxes with ribbon and a printable tag. I designed our custom tag with a mention of the city we live in since it actually never snows in San Diego. For all of you I made a matching tag for your kids to write in the to and from fields. In addition to classroom gifts, these kits would make great favors for children’s holiday parties or gifts for your friend’s kids.

build your own snowman classroom gift 4

build your own snowman classroom gift 3

build your own snowman classroom gift 0

Build Your Own Snowman Kit

I was able to find everything I needed from Oriental Trading. You might have some of these things on hand already!

– 4″ Clear Plastic Favor Boxes
Small Plastic Craft Bags
Iridescent Metallic Shreds
White Crayola Model Magic
– Christmas Bag of Buttons
Watch Them Wiggle Eyes
– Craft Snow
Black Top Hat Beads
– Orange Craft Foam
– Ribbon
Printable Tags (click to download)


  • Assemble the plastic favor boxes and place the iridescent shreds in the bottom.
  • Place all of the smaller supplies together in the small plastic bags.
  • Put 2 1 ounce packs of Model Magic, the small bag of supplies, pipe cleaners, etc. into the box. 
  • Close up the box and wrap with ribbon. Secure with tape and place your printable tag on top. 
  • Experience the joy of giving!



Gratitude and Gifting with JORD Wood Watches

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Gratitude and gifting are big things this time of year and I want to take the time to lavish some love on someone important. Someone who is loving, funny, and supportive in more ways than I can count. Someone that is nearly impossible to buy a gift for. Sound familiar? I’m talking about my husband… my partner in crime in this little life that we’re building together. 

Funny enough, I am not the romantic half of our equation. Instead of grand gestures, I prefer love to be shown in small, quiet ways. Sometimes it’s the little things in life, and one of the little things that he does for me is to fill my cup… literally! I carry a water bottle around with me constantly, and he always makes sure I have a full bottle before we leave the house or go to bed. It sounds silly, but that full water bottle sitting on my nightstand means he thought of me and wanted to take care of me. He also fills up other important cups like my coffee mug and my wine glass. What a guy! He also fills my gas tank when he can. That means so much to me since it’s a chore that I detest. And as long as we’re on that subject of cars, he almost always drives when we travel with our family. Driving has never been one of my favorite things to do and it’s so nice to have someone else take the wheel. These may sound like trivial, little gestures, but he makes me love him more each time he fulfills those quirky little needs (wants?) that I have.

My cup is full on a more figurative level as well thanks to my husband. He fills our home with laughter, my heart with love, and me with confidence. He gave me our two sweet kiddos that fill our lives with giggles (for the purposes of this gratitude post, I’ll just pretend that those giggles don’t come with a whole bunch of whining and arguing too). Most importantly, after all of our years together, he can still make me laugh. I really think that’s a significant part of the glue that holds us together. JORD Wood Watch 1

In the spirit of gratitude, I want the universe to know that I am so thankful to have a husband that is a true partner and also my best friend. I know I mentioned earlier that I’m not very romantic, but every once in a while I do like to surprise my husband and treat him to a sentimental gift to show my love. That’s not always an easy feat for a guy that I’ve been giving gifts to for over 15 years. That’s a lot of birthdays, anniversaries, and Christmases! At this point in life, he has what he needs and buys what he wants for himself when he thinks of it. That’s why I was so excited to learn about JORD wood watches and the fun options they have for personalizing their unique wooden timepieces.

JORD Wood Watch 13

JORD Wood Watch 4

I selected this gorgeous Kosso & Gray watch from the Hyde series for my husband. The minimalist design of this wood watch makes such a nice statement and it really looks great on my guy. He has told me several times how much he loves wearing it and I’m so happy I could gift him a little something to remind him of how special he is to me. JORD Wood Watch 2

As if the watch itself wasn’t awesome enough, JORD offers the option of engraving the backplate of the watch with your own message. I wanted to be a little punny and use a reference to time in my message, but I also wanted it to be sweet. I ended up choosing a quote from the song we danced to for our first dance as husband and wife at our wedding… Shining Star by The Manhattans. This extra touch made so much difference in making this gift unique and special. Although I didn’t choose this option, they also offer engraving on the beautiful wood box that the watch comes in. For this option you can even upload a file of a message in your own handwriting to have them engrave for you. I can just imagine all of the ways you could personalize these cool watches for your loved one. If you need ideas, check out this board on Pinterest for some examples of what you could engrave on your watch.

JORD Wood Watch 7

JORD Wood Watch 5

Who fills you up? I’d love to hear what’s on their holiday wish list for gifts this year. Maybe a sleek wooden watch would be a fun surprise for them. There are so many beautiful options for both men and women. Be sure to click here for your holiday instant coupon code. JORD is sharing their biggest deals of the year and you can save 25% off! Have fun gifting.

Wooden Wristwatch

Pear Oat Squares

pear oat bars 4

I’m always searching for new, healthy snack ideas for our family that have real food ingredients. Bonus points if it doesn’t come in a package. That usually means putting in a little work to make something from scratch, but I don’t mind doing that ahead of time so that I know we have quick snacks to grab for the week. These Pear Oat Squares only have 4 ingredients and come together pretty quickly in the food processor. Totally worth it to know that my kids are eating something that’s good and good for them.

Pears are probably my favorite dried fruit. Something about that sweet, slightly grainy texture just does it for my taste buds. Paired with dates, oats, and some spices they are just irresistible. I’ve written the recipe to include the ever-popular pumpkin pie spice. If you don’t have that in your spice collection, some combination of cinnamon, ginger, and/or cardamom should work just fine. Make sure you use old-fashioned oats and not the quick version.

pear oat bars 1

Look at those oats! Don’t they just scream wholesome??

pear oat bars 7

Four simple ingredients come together into a ball of dough. After that, just shape, cut, and roll in more oats. Voila… little nuggets of delicious fall flavor!

pear oat bars 9

pear oat bars 8

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Innobaby sent me these handy airtight, non-toxic, leak-proof snack boxes and they are perfect for sending these Pear Oat Squares to school or work for snack time. I love that they have a removable divider to keep foods separated. They are also insulted to keep food cold or warm longer. The best part is that the lids are easy to snap on and off. I’ve had other stainless steel containers before that my preschooler couldn’t open herself. Kids can feel independent while getting their own Keepin’ Smart lid off at school. I am looking forward to using these containers to pack fun and healthy snacks for my kids. They will even help support our school’s waste free lunch initiative.

pear oat bars 6

pear oat bars 5

pear oat bars 2

Pear Oat Squares

Yield: approx. 25 1 inch squares

1 cup old-fashioned oats
1 cup pitted Medjool dates
1 1/2 cups dried pears
1 teaspoon pumpkin pie spice (or some combination of cinnamon, ginger, and cardamom)

  • Place oats in the bowl of your food processor and pulse until ground. Some small pieces will remain… you don’t want to process so much that you make it into flour.
  • Set aside 1/4 cup of the processed oats in a small bowl. Put the rest of the ingredients into the bowl of the food processor with the remaining 3/4 cup of ground oats. Process until a ball of dough starts to form (see photos). 
  • Use plastic wrap to line a loaf pan or another small pan. I used a 5×5″ square glass container. Leave some extra plastic wrap hanging over each side. Press your dough into the bottom of your pan to shape it. I like to fold the extra plastic wrap over to help smooth it out. 
  • Unmold the dough block from your pan and plastic wrap and place it on a cutting board. Cut the block into approximate 1″ squares. I recommend using a sharp knife dipped in water to prevent sticking.
  • Press the sides of each square into the small bowl of ground oats to cover them evenly. 
  • Pack up your Pear Oat Squares for snacks! You can store the squares at room temperature or in the fridge for longer storage.

adapted from Weelicious: 140 Fast, Fresh, and Easy Recipes. Her Apple Oat Bar version of this recipe is also a huge hit in our house. 

Go, Dog. Go! Halloween Costume

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Do you get to pick out your kid’s Halloween costumes? I got to pick for my youngest kiddo this year, and I want to share his semi-DIY Go, Dog. Go! costume that I made with a little help from Oriental Trading. The costume was inspired by P.D. Eastman’s classic Book of Things That Go. We love reading this book together in our house. It’s so perfect for a toddler who’s favorite words are “woof woof”, “car”, and “Go!”.

go dog go halloween costume 9

go dog go halloween costume 5

go dog go halloween costume 3

In my opinion, the first few years of Halloween for a kid are always the best. For at least the first two years, the parents get to pick out the costume! By the third or fourth year they have probably formed their own opinions about what they’d like to dress up as and your vote won’t really matter any longer. For my daughter’s first Halloween, we dressed her up as an adorable ladybug. The second year she was a cute little witch. By the third year her opinion edged in and she was a fairy (Tinkerbell if you asked her). That fourth year was the kicker though… by then she insisted that it was a Disney Princess or nothing.

go dog go halloween costume 6

For his first Halloween, my boy was a cuddly giraffe and I almost died of cuteness. Read below for a few more details of this year’s Go, Dog. Go! Costume.

go dog go halloween costume 8

Go, Dog. Go! is a book about dogs using different modes of transportation. For this costume, I decided to focus on a dog in a car since my son loves cars so much. First, I picked out the cutest puppy costume from Oriental Trading’s selection of toddler costumes. Then I found this Color Your Own Race Car costume to pair it with. I figured I could customize the car to look more like the ones in the book with a little paint. The cardboard isn’t necessarily meant to be painted, but I tested it out and can tell you that it works just fine. I used two light coats of red acrylic paint for the body and gray for the wheels. Just for fun, I printed out a custom  Go, Dog. Go! license plate to tape onto the back.

go dog go halloween costume 4

go dog go halloween costume 2

go dog go halloween costume 7

I didn’t think I could get my little guy to wear the costume and keep a hat and driving goggles on too. He did let me put a blue scarf on to complete his Go, Dog. Go! look though. He loved climbing in and out of his car and carrying it around. I can’t wait for my little dog to drive around the block for Halloween trick or treating!

go dog go halloween costume 1

Puppy Pawty: a second birthday party

puppy pawty come sit stay sign

Come, Sit, Stay… check out this adorable Puppy Pawty that I styled for one of my favorite clients. I’ve had the pleasure of working on many projects for this awesome couple, including a bridal shower and baby shower. Last year I put together a super cute first birthday party brunch for their daughter and I couldn’t believe it when they got in touch and asked me to start working on her second birthday party. A year can fly by so quickly!

Since we’ve worked together so many times now, they just gave me a few guiding details and I ran with it. Their darling little girl loves dogs and they had already purchased a Birthday Girl shirt with candles in pink, orange, turquoise, and cornflower blue. Theme and color palette- Done! All that was left to do is pull together a set of printables and some fun doggy details.

puppy pawty 17

puppy pawty banners

puppy pawty 6

I loved working with this fun dog theme so much. My own son is 18 months old and loves a good “woof, woof” so I felt like I had great insight into what it’s like to be a huge doggy fan.

Check out these pawty details that you’ll love:

  • Puppy Adoption Favors complete with dog houses and adoption certificates
  • Adorable Doggy Cookies from NatSweets
  • Air Walking Dog Balloons
  • Fun Themed Snacks- Puppy Chow and Scooby Snacks
  • Dog Speak banners- “ruff, ruff, ruff!” and “woof woof!”
  • Floral Arrangements with Dog Treats

puppy pawty welcome sign

puppy pawty floral arrangement

puppy pawty 15

puppy pawty gold woof balloons

puppy pawty dog chow

puppy pawty inflatable dog balloons

puppy pawty banners

puppy pawty banners

puppy pawty cookie favors

puppy pawty flowers

puppy pawty dog house favors

puppy pawty dog adoption favors

puppy pawty 12

Concept, styling and stationery design: a la Mo | Cookies: NatSweets | Walking Dog Balloons: Amazon | Birthday Girl shirt: Old Navy | Dog House Gable Boxes: Paper Mart | Gold Metallic WOOF balloons: PartyHaus

So Long, Summer…

It’s been pretty quiet around here all summer, so I wanted to give you a peak at what I’ve been up to lately. I’ve been momming these two cuties.


I’m so happy that we had Angela Garzon Photography capture these images of our family earlier in the summer. We went on a little mini adventure in Mission Trails Park and Angela worked her magic with my children. A short “nature walk” in the park brought us to a beautiful natural location that looks like it’s in the middle of nowhere. My kids loved exploring and playing in the dirt while I cringed about them getting dirty. Angela let them have fun and it shows in the way she captured them in these photos. She even managed to get the posed smiley photos she knew I would want too.




So much has happened in the short time since we took these family photos. The kids grow quickly and it’s so sweet to have these images to remember this time before my oldest lost 3 of her front teeth and before my youngest had his first haircut. I love that I have this little slice of our summer to treasure forever. You can see more from our session with Angela here.



This mom job is not always as glamorous as it looks here, but I love it. Balance was becoming a struggle for me during summer break though. Ok, it’s always a challenge, but it was even more of a struggle than usual. Having my two kids home full time made it hard to accomplish my usual business tasks and keep up with blogging and social media. Something had to give, so I took a step back from social media. At first it wasn’t a conscious decision, but after a few days off I realized that I felt kind of free. Giving myself permission to skip my daily post on Instagram freed up more time than I would have thought. It gave me back some precious time to focus on the kids and on some design projects I was working on (more on those later!).

The end of summer is bittersweet, but I’ve been easing back in to a more relaxed routine now that school has started. I have more time to dedicate to creating fun projects and inspiring content now. I hope to use that time well and to connect with more of you in a meaningful way. I’m all ears If you have any tips for managing that delicate balance between being a wife, mom, and business owner while practicing self care. I know I’m not alone in this struggle and I’d love to hear from you in the comments.


Just Maui’d Pineapple Pool Party


just maui'd pineapple pool party 21

We technically still have 3 more weeks to go, but the unofficial end to summer is upon us. School is back in session, the days are getting shorter, and Labor Day is here. In many places, the weather is probably getting cooler by the day too. Meanwhile, here in San Diego, we are living out yet another 100+ degree heat wave. Needless to say, our pool season is still in full effect. That’s how I can comfortably justify sharing the details of this “Just Maui’d” pool party with you this late in the summer.

At the time of this post, I’ll be on Maui, Hawaii celebrating the marriage of a truly special couple. I’ve been privileged to be a small part of the team that’s helping them create the wedding of their dreams (but more on that in a different post). A destination wedding like this one means wanting to spend as much time as possible creating memories with your guests that have traveled far and wide to be with you. And when you get married on Maui, the logical thing to do the day after the ceremony and reception is to host a fabulous pool party.

I don’t plan to do a lot of work on this trip, but I do want to add a few special touches to their day-after pool party. Besides, it’s hard to call party styling work when it brings me so much joy. I put together some of the details at home first so I could share them with you. Hopefully, I’ll get some good photos of the real deal that I can add to this post later.

just maui'd pineapple pool party 20

We chose to include golden pineapples in the pool party decor because of their symbolism of warmth, welcome, friendship, and hospitality. Big thanks to my friends at Oriental Trading Company for sending some fun goodies to put this all together. I wouldn’t normally have thought of OTC for wedding decor, but I was surprised that they have so many great products that work well for weddings and related events. Here are some details of this “Just Maui’d” pool party that you won’t want to miss:

  • Gold pineapple temporary tattoos. These work amazingly well and were so shiny and cute when applied.
  • Personalized water bottle labels commemorating the occasion and themed cups for celebratory cocktails
  • Balloon garland with tropical greenery. The leaves I used were super light-weight, so they worked great when just tucked into the balloons with a little tape.
  • Trucker style hats to keep the bridal party cool and coordinated.
  • Black and white beach towels for the new Mr. and Mrs.

just maui'd pineapple pool party 3

just maui'd pineapple pool party 15

just maui'd pineapple pool party 16

just maui'd pineapple pool party 13

just maui'd pineapple pool party 19

just maui'd pineapple pool party 8

just maui'd pineapple pool party 9

just maui'd pineapple pool party 1

just maui'd pineapple pool party 23

just maui'd pineapple pool party 5

Aloha, friends!

Wed, White & Booze: Joint Bachelor(ette) Weekend Favors

productwed white and booze favors 2

I’m going to age myself a little bit here, but my husband and I are coming up on our 12th wedding anniversary this Fall. Back when we got married (before Pinterest, gasp!) it was common to have a bachelorette night out on the town. Some brides and grooms might even have taken a quick weekend trip to Las Vegas to celebrate their last single days. In more recent years though, it seems like it’s more commonplace to have a full-on vacation with your best friends before the big day. Destination bachelorette “parties” are definitely a fun trend and I’m a little bummed I missed out on it.

This favor project was put together for a bride and groom that are planning a joint destination bachelor + bachelorette party in Austin, Texas. Members of the bridal party are traveling from both coasts, so they decided to meet up in the middle to celebrate the impending nuptials. They rented an amazing house that’s big enough for everyone to stay in together. The house is perfect for entertaining and even has a gorgeous pool that will inevitably be used for a wild pool day for the entire crew.

When the maid of honor asked me to create a logo for this unique bachelor + bachelorette celebration we talked about a western theme to honor the destination for the trip. Because this was all taking place right around the Fourth of July, the color palette naturally leaned towards patriotic with red, white, and blue. We settled on the theme “Wed, White & Booze” for a fun spin on those colors that is totally appropriate for this event. For the favors we wanted to create something memorable that would also be useful during the trip. Each favor tote bag includes a magazine for reading poolside, bottled water, themed cups for cocktails, snacks, and a Wed, White & Booze Survival Kit.

wed white and booze favors 13

wed white and booze favors 5

wed white and booze favors 14

wed white and booze favors 10

I used wedding favor boxes with a heart cutout from Oriental Trading to package the survival kits. I taped a coordinating printable to show through the little heart window, but that’s completely optional. If you want to create something similar, here are some ideas for items to include in your bachelor or bachelorette weekend Survival Kits:

  • mints or gum
  • hair ties
  • pain reliever
  • natural hangover remedy
  • drink mix: iced coffee or electrolyte sports drink
  • sunscreen
  • lip balm
  • candy or other small treat

wed white and booze favors 15

After I put the survival kits together, I popped them into individual tote bags with the other gift items. I think the cowboy boot mugs and wine glasses are hilariously awesome and I hope the guests think so too. To finish things up, each tote bag got a printable tag with the event logo tied to the handle. The contents of this fun favor bag should make the bachelor + bachelorette party guests a little more comfortable during their stay in Austin, TX. I hope they all have a blast celebrating the last fling before the rings!

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wed white and booze favors 3wed white and booze favors 1

Styling, Printables, and Photography: Party a la Mo  | Favor packaging, Cowboy Boot Cups, etc. : Oriental Trading Company | Survival Kit contents: Target