Build Your Own Snowman Kit: a holiday classroom gift

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There is so much joy in giving and I want to teach my children all about that joy now when they are young. During the holiday season there are so many opportunities to give, so it’s the perfect time to involve the kids. A classroom gift was a natural way to incorporate giving since we love our school family and want to celebrate the holidays with them. My six-year-old daughter helped me assemble and test out our Build Your Own Snowman Kit gift and she is so excited to hand them out to her classmates before the winter holiday break.

When thinking about what we wanted to give, we decided to avoid a sugary treat since they are already so abundant this time of year. We also wanted to stick to a winter themed gift to be sure to include all of our friends that celebrate different holidays in December. With the 2 week winter break from school, I thought parents might appreciate an activity that would keep little hands busy for some time. And thus, the Build Your Own Snowman Kits were born!

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You could use any number of supplies to create your own version of this gift, but I’ll show you what we used to get you started. Oriental Trading had everything we needed to make this idea a reality. We used white Crayola Model Magic as our modeling agent, but clay or play dough would also work well. We love Model Magic because it’s fun to play with, easy to model with, and it air-dries so you can make your final creation permanent! It’s also paintable, so you can use your leftover white Model Magic for another project. We included lots of crafting supplies like buttons, ribbon, pipe cleaners, googly eyes, craft foam, and faux snow. With 2 (1 oz) packs of Model Magic I made two snowmen and my daughter was able to make 6 tiny snowmen.

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Here are our test run creations. The top snowmen were made by my 6.5 year old (complete with eyelashes drawn on) and the bottom snowmen were made by me. They remind me a little of Sam the Snowman from the stop-motion movie classic Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer.

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All of the supplies looked awesome packaged up in clear boxes with ribbon and a printable tag. I designed our custom tag with a mention of the city we live in since it actually never snows in San Diego. For all of you I made a matching tag for your kids to write in the to and from fields. In addition to classroom gifts, these kits would make great favors for children’s holiday parties or gifts for your friend’s kids.

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Build Your Own Snowman Kit

I was able to find everything I needed from Oriental Trading. You might have some of these things on hand already!

– 4″ Clear Plastic Favor Boxes
Small Plastic Craft Bags
Iridescent Metallic Shreds
White Crayola Model Magic
– Christmas Bag of Buttons
Watch Them Wiggle Eyes
– Craft Snow
Black Top Hat Beads
– Orange Craft Foam
– Ribbon
Printable Tags (click to download)


  • Assemble the plastic favor boxes and place the iridescent shreds in the bottom.
  • Place all of the smaller supplies together in the small plastic bags.
  • Put 2 1 ounce packs of Model Magic, the small bag of supplies, pipe cleaners, etc. into the box. 
  • Close up the box and wrap with ribbon. Secure with tape and place your printable tag on top. 
  • Experience the joy of giving!



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