Go, Dog. Go! Halloween Costume

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Do you get to pick out your kid’s Halloween costumes? I got to pick for my youngest kiddo this year, and I want to share his semi-DIY Go, Dog. Go! costume that I made with a little help from Oriental Trading. The costume was inspired by P.D. Eastman’s classic Book of Things That Go. We love reading this book together in our house. It’s so perfect for a toddler who’s favorite words are “woof woof”, “car”, and “Go!”.

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In my opinion, the first few years of Halloween for a kid are always the best. For at least the first two years, the parents get to pick out the costume! By the third or fourth year they have probably formed their own opinions about what they’d like to dress up as and your vote won’t really matter any longer. For my daughter’s first Halloween, we dressed her up as an adorable ladybug. The second year she was a cute little witch. By the third year her opinion edged in and she was a fairy (Tinkerbell if you asked her). That fourth year was the kicker though… by then she insisted that it was a Disney Princess or nothing.

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For his first Halloween, my boy was a cuddly giraffe and I almost died of cuteness. Read below for a few more details of this year’s Go, Dog. Go! Costume.

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Go, Dog. Go! is a book about dogs using different modes of transportation. For this costume, I decided to focus on a dog in a car since my son loves cars so much. First, I picked out the cutest puppy costume from Oriental Trading’s selection of toddler costumes. Then I found this Color Your Own Race Car costume to pair it with. I figured I could customize the car to look more like the ones in the book with a little paint. The cardboard isn’t necessarily meant to be painted, but I tested it out and can tell you that it works just fine. I used two light coats of red acrylic paint for the body and gray for the wheels. Just for fun, I printed out a custom  Go, Dog. Go! license plate to tape onto the back.

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I didn’t think I could get my little guy to wear the costume and keep a hat and driving goggles on too. He did let me put a blue scarf on to complete his Go, Dog. Go! look though. He loved climbing in and out of his car and carrying it around. I can’t wait for my little dog to drive around the block for Halloween trick or treating!

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  1. This is so adorable!! I like how detailed you got – down to the blue scarf! Such great memories too ! I wish I were as talented as you!

  2. Wow! This is too cute! Wish my kids were little again. This stage is so fun!

  3. How stinking adorable. I love this costume and your babies are so precious!

  4. Christine says:

    This is too cute! I still need to plan out my little ones costume! First one woo!!

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