Introducing Declan Paul!

Birth Announcement6If you follow me here on the blog or on other social media channels, you probably noticed that my posting and interaction dropped off quite a bit during certain points of the past year. It wasn’t personal… I was just pregnant! Pregnancy translated into the usual exhaustion for me, but also left me uninspired and feeling less than creative. Those are unfortunate side effects when you run a creative business, but the end result was completely worth the struggle.

Today, I’d like to officially announce the arrival of my new baby boy! Declan joined us on March 24th and the past 2 months have been filled with baby snuggles, nursing sessions, and diaper changes. For all the trouble he gave me during the pregnancy, he’s been an easy-going baby since he was born. It feels a little like he has always been with us and it’s amazing to know that he has completed our family.

After his birth I couldn’t wait to get word out to our friends and family about our new addition. A round of calls and texts went out to our nearest and dearest first. Then came the Facebook and Instagram posts, but I couldn’t stop there. Paper stationery is just so important to me that I had to mail out a formal birth announcement as well. I love receiving them from others, so I figured I’d spread a little squishy newborn love via the postal service.

Being the proud Mama that I am, I’d send each and every one of you a paper announcement if I could. But since that just isn’t possible, you get a blog post with photos of the gorgeous birth announcements that Tiny Prints was generous enough to send me. I chose this modern Arrowed Intro design in lightest turquoise by Elm + Gray for Tiny Prints.  I loved how the colors tied in with his Baby Sprinkle decor. The card design itself is gorgeous, but I couldn’t resist using some available options to add rounded corners and pearl white shimmer paper.

Birth Announcement7

Now, I am the first person to advocate for professional family photos, but I also know that hiring a pro is not always practical. We had a posed newborn session with our favorite family photographer, but I just couldn’t wait to get this first round of announcements out. The solution was to use a photo that I shot and edited with my iPhone. It didn’t hurt that Declan was loosely swaddled in an arrow blanket that tied in with the card design nicely. I just did a quick black and white edit to the photo to make the announcement look more cohesive. Don’t let a lack of perfect professional photos stop you from creating a beautiful birth announcement

Birth Announcement5

If you appreciate little stationery details like me then you’ll agree that the matching envelope liners and personalized postage made the final package extra dreamy. I mean, when’s the next time the kid will have a postage stamp with his name on it??

Birth Announcement11

Birth Announcement12

Thanks for sticking with me as I struggled through my creative slump. I’m feeling more myself and getting into the swing of being Mama to my two beautiful kids. More party inspiration, recipes, and DIY will be coming your way very soon!

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  1. These are beautiful! Congratulations, mama!

  2. Wow! These are gorgeous announcements! Congratulations!

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