One Word for 2015: Better

With today being the first Monday of the new year, I feel like 2015 is truly getting underway. Happy New Year!

I’ve never been very successful with resolutions so I gave up on them years ago. There is something to be said about the feeling of possibility that a fresh, new year brings though. Last January I put some of my hopes for the new year onto a vision board. I am a visual person, so my board gave me something to focus on and conjure up when I needed it. As a result, I challenged myself and made some changes in 2014 that have helped me work towards my goals. I’m positive that there’s even more I can do in the new year.

In addition to a vision board I also chose a word for 2015. That’s right- just one little word. I love the idea of summing up your goals with a quick word that encompasses how you want to live your life for the year. After you select your word, you’re supposed to share it. So this is me putting my word out into the universe.


My word choice was heavily influenced by the Bleachers song I Wanna Get Better. Besides having an upbeat and motivating sound, pieces of the songs lyrics really spoke to me: “I didn’t know I was broken ’til I wanted to change. I wanna get better”. I’m not talking about being better in a competitive sense… I just want to make choices that will make me a better person.


Better Health: For me that means that I will continue to eliminate as many harmful chemicals as possible in the products I bring into our home. It means that I’m going to continue this journey I’ve started with a plant-based diet and see where it takes me health wise. I want to figure out how to naturally improve my fertility. If I truly want to get better, I need to move more.

Better Business: Some of what that will take will not be fun for me. For instance, I’d like to be more on top of my accounting and become more comfortable with pricing my products. Other parts of this goal are things I really enjoy. I want to improve my photography skills, write more blog posts, and get myself (and my work) in front of more people.

Better Creative: Maybe that means networking and surrounding myself with more creative people. It definitely means adding more color into my life and dedicating more time to my creative process.

Better Relationships: It couldn’t hurt to be a better mother, wife, daughter, sister, and friend. I want to put more energy into those relationships that are meaningful for me. People are busy and schedules are hard to coordinate, but strengthening your network is invaluable. Investing time with important people can make all the difference in getting better. And I want to get better!

Focusing on my word is a simple way to make my goals memorable and attainable for myself. As I live life and make decisions in 2015 I’ll be asking myself, “Will this make me better? I wanna get better!”. Cheers to the year ahead. May yours be colorful and filled with joy, health, and FUN!

2015 Word


  1. Love it! My word for 2015 is YES! 😀

  2. I LOVE that quote!

  3. Better! Focusing on one word, that’s brilliant. Better, always.

  4. “I didn’t know I was broken, until I wanted to change.” This rings so true to me. Isn’t that how often is? It’s easier to look in hindsight than it is to see truth in the moment.

    Many wishes that this year is better than last! Cheers!

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