Frozen Treats for the 4th of July


When I think of the 4th of July my mind always drifts to ice cream. Of course my childhood memories of the holiday also include the usual parades, flags, and fireworks… but in my mind the Fourth is synonymous with my grandma’s homemade ice cream. It was always the highly anticipated star of our backyard celebration.

I recently asked grandma about the recipe and process and learned that it was much more labor intensive than I remember. Her old ice cream maker was the kind that required layering ice and rock salt in a tub that surrounded the canister of ingredients. No wonder we really only had it once a year on the Fourth! I have a modern Cusinart ice cream maker and I do occasionally make homemade ice cream. The truth is though, that nothing I’ve ever made can compete with those delicious memories. I think some of the magic had to have been in the slower, more hands-on process. So, instead of even trying to compete this year, I’m using a couple of semi-homemade ideas for frozen 4th of July treats.

Create memories with your family this year with red, white, and blue Waffle Cone Ice Cream Sandwiches and festive single-serve Ice Cream Cups. Use the best store-bought ice cream you can find in your favorite flavors.


This idea is as simple as it is adorable! These single serving ice cream cups can easily be done in a variety of flavors and they are a great make-ahead option as well. Just portion out scoops of your chosen flavors and place them in these navy striped paper baking cups from Paper Eskimo. I used red and white striped paper straws to make a cute little flag decoration for the ice cream cups. Each straw is cut in half and then a 2-2.5″ length of gold glitter ribbon is attached to the top using double stick tape. Then I just trimmed the ends of the ribbon with scissors to resemble a flag. The red sparkly party picks are another perfect addition… I think they look like little fireworks!

If you scoop out and decorate your ice cream cups ahead of time you can store them in the freezer (cover them with plastic wrap to ensure freshness) until it’s time to break out dessert. Your family and/or guests are sure to love this festive frozen treat!



Who doesn’t love ice cream sandwiches? Add sprinkles and a pair of cookies that taste like a buttery version of a waffle cone and this frozen treat is sure to please. I used Trader Joe’s Belgian Butter Waffle Cookies, premium vanilla ice cream, and red, white & blue jimmies to create my sandwiches. You can find my ice cream sandwich method at the bottom of this post. The cookies I used are oval shaped so I used a football cookie cutter this time. After each sandwich is assembled I rolled the edges in the sprinkles before wrapping them up tight and storing them back in the freezer. Again, these are perfect to pull out of the freezer after the BBQ when everyone is craving something sweet. Enjoy!




Have a happy and safe Fourth of July!!

p.s. That scalloped July 4th party banner in the photos is from The Tulle Box. Such a cute bunting for parties or holiday home decor!


  1. I’m pinning everything! I have a 4th of July BBQ every year, and I have to still think about what I’m going to make for the party. So many great ideas here. Thanks!

  2. These are so great! Very patriotic and perfect for July 4th! So adorable and perfect for any summer BBQ!

  3. Love these! The small details make the biggest difference.

  4. I LOVE ice cream and these frozen treats are perfect!!! Thank you for linking up to The Party Gals Linky Party!


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