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If you follow me on Instagram, you might have seen last month that I am now part of the new ambassador program for The Flair Exchange. Bragging about the awesome products they offer is no hardship because I honestly love all of them. When I received my first box I was excited to find tissue confetti, a confetti balloon, and a tassel garland in the beautiful Orchid color palette. What more could a party girl ask for?

At the time my first package arrived, I was in the middle of planning, crafting, and baking for my daughter’s 3rd birthday party so I had to put the little box of party pretties to the side for a while. After party week was over I took a few days to recover, but I wasn’t recovered enough to think about staging another party quite yet. I decided to use my The Flair Exchange goodies for C’s 3 year photo shoot with Stills by Hill Photography. Lucky for me, the tassel garland, confetti, and balloon made excellent photo props!

Tassel garlands have definitely been on trend for a while now. They are so pretty and a great way to add color to your party, home, or photo shoot. I have seen them hung in baby nurseries, kid’s play rooms, and office spaces. Such a fun way to add a little party to everyday life. I’ve tried both purchasing and crafting tassel garlands for events in the past. First I tried my hand at making one myself. After ordering custom colors of tissue paper, folding, cutting, twisting, gluing, and stringing I had decided that purchasing an assembled garland was the way to go. I found that buying a completed garland can be a little on the pricey side though. The tassel garland kit from The Flair Exchange is the perfect compromise between affordability and convenience. The kit comes with colored tissue that’s already been folded and cut for you, twine for hanging, and an ingenious little tool to help you get the perfect loop on top of your tassels. It took me no more than 30 minutes to whip up all of the tassels and string them on the twine… SO much quicker than my earlier 100% DIY attempt. I can safely say that these kits will be the only way I’ll make a tassel garland in the future. They offer a ton of beautiful color palettes that are on trend and the choose your own color kit lets you choose from a combination of 40 different colors to match your decor perfectly.

Take a look below to see how I used 4 of the tassels from the kit to add some extra flair to the confetti balloon. They also sell separate balloon tassel kits with giant 36″ balloons if you prefer. FUN!








**The Flair Exchange generously gave me the products in this post to try out. All opinions are my own.**


  1. This is so incredibly sweet! I’m happy to hear you found the kit easy to make.

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