Floral + Black & White Stripes: a Bridal Shower


Bold black and white stripes meet feminine florals in my newest bridal shower printable collection! It’s one of my favorite collections to date, so I was honored to be invited to attend the shower too. The line between friends and clients has been a blurry one since I started my business because of the love and support of my friends and family. Receiving invitations to events I’ve been involved in is just one of the perks of that blurred line. Of course I love celebrating the special occasions in my friends lives, but I also appreciate having an opportunity to see how my clients use the files that I design and send off to them.

This shower was put together beautifully by the hosts and the bride was glowing the entire time. See for yourself…










When it comes to bridal shower games, we’ve all played some of the classics over and over. The two that we played at this shower were brand new to me and everyone seemed to really enjoy them. The first was a game show version of “who knows the bride the best” complete with categories, hot seats, and a buzzer. Laughter was a big side effect of this game and seeing the bride’s mom and the groom’s mom face off was definitely a highlight. At the end, one of the bride’s dearest friends won the competition. Afterwards we played a game where you had to match the country to the phrase “I love you” translated into the various native languages. What a challenge!




Printable Invitations and Decor: a la Mo | Honey Soap Favors: Lavender Rose Gifts | Custom Mrs Meyer Hanger: Hanger Design Center | Personalized Bridal Veil: My Everyday Party


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