Berry Sweet Valentine Printable Tags


I made you some berry sweet Valentine printables because I love you! And I just love Love. Valentine’s Day has always been a favorite day for me. The holiday has never really been about romance in my mind though… to me, it’s more about celebrating all different kinds of love and relationships.

This year I am celebrating my loving relationship with my clients and readers with strawberries! I was inspired by a recipe for strawberry fruit leather that I came across in a cookbook that I got for Christmas. And, hey, strawberries are red and kind of shaped like hearts, right?



These cute Berry Valentine Tags can be used to adorn any strawberry flavored treats you can dream up or even just a small basket of the berries themselves. Fruit leather makes a naturally sweet valentine that will probably be welcome among all of the candy hearts and boxes of chocolates. To package them up like I did, see the instructions below.



Strawberry Fruit Leather Valentines

– 1 recipe Strawberry Banana Fruit Leather
– Unbleached parchment paper
– Coordinating baker’s twine (I love this multi-color pack)
– Printable Berry Valentine Tags
– 2″ circle or decorative punch (optional)

  • Lay your sheet of fruit leather on a sheet of parchment paper and cut it into 6-8 strips using kitchen scissors. Roll up each strip and secure with a small piece of tape on the parchment lining.
  • Cut a rectangle of parchment paper that’s large enough to cover the fruit leather rolls with about 2-3 inches overhang on each side. Roll the fruit leather up in the parchment rectangle and twist each side to secure. Repeat for the remaining fruit leather.
  • Print, cut, and hole punch the valentine tags.
  • Thread the baker’s twine through a tag and tie it around each fruit leather roll. Secure with a bow.
  • Hand them out to your favorite Valentines.

If you aren’t inclined to make your own fruit leather, the tags look equally cute on the store-bought version. These Stretch Island Fruit Co. strips work perfectly.


Have a berry sweet Valentine’s day with the people you love! XOXO


  1. LOVE this idea! We can’t give candy at our school so this is a great alternative!

    • Thanks! My daughter isn’t in school yet, but I’ve heard that sometimes homemade items aren’t allowed to be given in the classroom either. Those prepackaged fruit leathers would be a good non-candy alternative. I hope you get a chance to use the idea this year…

  2. So cute! And such a great idea.

  3. I love anything strawberry and my kids love fruit leather but I don’t let them have the stuff from the store – will have to give this a try ; ) For sure a cute personalized treat for a small group like Girl Scout troop or playgroup.

    • Thanks Joann! I plan on posting the recipe I used for the fruit leather later this week. It was a big hit with my daughter.

  4. Super cute and healthy idea for Valentine’s day. Thank you!

  5. These look so yummy and the printable tags are so cute! Love ’em!!


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