The unBridesmaid Project


For a complete lack of an existing term, we called this The unBridesmaid Project. We’ve all seen cute ideas about how to ask your BFF to be a bridesmaid in your wedding, but this is absolutely the best way to ask someone NOT to be your bridesmaid. Sound strange? I can explain…

Persian weddings do not generally feature large wedding parties and some forgo bridesmaids and groomsmen altogether. While this  might seem unconventional to most, it’s actually quite traditional for the culture. But what’s a bride to do when her closest female friends and family are expecting to be included in the bridal party? My client found a great way to ensure that her nearest and dearest received an explanation and were celebrated properly all at the same time.

The bride-to-be approached me with her sweet idea and I was so excited to work on such a unique custom project for her. The concept was to create a gift box to present to 10 of the most important women in her life… the women she would have asked to be her bridesmaids if she were to have a bridal party. She wanted to ensure that each of these women felt loved and honored despite the fact that they wouldn’t be standing on the altar at the wedding. In the brides words, she wanted them to feel like they were “special beyond matching dresses, color palettes, and boozy weekenders”.

Speaking of color palettes (ha!), I paired muted pastel florals with bold black and white stripes for the stationery design. Touches of gold accented the look and brought in a little sparkle. Inside the box was a personal and heartfelt letter accompanied by champagne, pretty paper straws, a packet of plantable confetti hearts, a personalized cookie, a mini framed print, an initial charm necklace, and a handmade lip balm. The end result was a gift that any girl would be thrilled to receive!





Note: Sadly, you cannot legally ship alcohol through the USPS. The out-of-town boxes that required shipping included these awesome champagne bubble gummy candies from Sugarfina in place of the real deal.

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