Spooky Toddler Playdate: a Halloween Party


It may be hard to believe, but I pulled off this toddler Halloween party with just my holiday/craft/party supplies from home, a quick trip to the dollar store, and a giant bag of rice from Costco.  You shouldn’t put that kind of pressure on yourself though… I’m sure most people probably couldn’t match the volume of random, leftover party supplies I have stashed around my house.  I guess my point is that you can put together a really cute little Halloween gathering for your kids without spending a ton of time or money.  Pick a few of the ideas below or attempt all 9 if you’re feeling crafty (and a little crazy, like me).


1.  Paper Lantern “Monsters”  Spookify some colorful paper lanterns with eyeballs and hang them in a tree or inside your home.  I used 2″, 1.5″, and 3/4″ circle punches to cut circles out of coordinating colors of card stock.  Layer them up and glue them together to make some silly looking eyeballs.  Attach them to your paper lanterns using (permanent) double stick tape.


2.  Cutie Pumpkins  Peel clementines and insert a small stick of celery in the center to make a pumpkin stem.


3.  Halloween Sensory Table  We converted our water/sand table into a holiday themed sensory table with colorful rice (orange, black, green, and purple), baby pumpkins, small Halloween toys, and various scooping apparatuses.  This activity was a BIG hit with the kids and my daughter loves her new “rice table”.  I followed this tutorial to color the rice.

2_halloween_playdate copy

4.  Ghostly Bananas  Cut bananas in half and press the pointy end of chocolate chips (2 minis for the eyes and 1 regular for the mouth) into the banana to make a ghost face. My original inspiration was an unlinked photo on Pinterest, but I’ve seen several tutorials pop up for these and the clementine pumpkins recently.  The bananas were definitely more popular than the clementines, but they make such a cute and healthy pair of treats for the kids.

5.  Free Spooky Halloween Playdate Printables  BOO! banner, welcome sign, tent cards, and party circles available here!


6.  Balloon Garland  I made a simplified version of this DIY tutorial using black and white polka dot balloons and fishing line.  A cheap, easy, and helium-free way to decorate with balloons.

7.  Pumpkin Spice Playdough Favors  Playdough never smelled so good!  I made a triple batch of this recipe and divided it up into 3 ounce containers.  The little favor packs for the kids also included a small Halloween cookie cutter to use with the playdough and some packs of spooky stickers. If you don’t want to fuss with favors, the dough would also make a perfect activity for the kids during the playdate.



8.  Mummy Craft  My goal was a craft that the 2 year olds could master that didn’t involve paint or any other messy mediums that might stain costumes.  These construction paper mummies are adorned with masking tape, white crepe paper streamers, and neon googly eyes.  You could cut along the mummy outline after the glue dries, but we just left ours as-is. I loved how a couple of the kids really got into gluing on as many eyes as they could. Original inspiration found here.


9.  Apple Cider Caramels  Toddlers want their moms to be happy too, right?  I sent a small box of these delicious apple cider caramels home with each of the moms so they could enjoy them later.  Why should all the treats be for the kids??



  1. As much cute Halloween ideas as I see (and Pin) this “play date” idea actually has me inspired to try it next year! So cute!

    • That’s a pretty fabulous compliment Jenn! It really was a lot of fun… you should definitely do it next year.

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