Robots and Rockets: a first birthday party


Charlie turns 2 this week, so it feels like a good time to share the details of his Robots and Rockets first birthday party.  That way I won’t be brushing off the Big One completely when I post about his second birthday party later this month.  This past year has really flown by and Charlie has grown so much.  He’s a charmer for sure… he’s also an avid swimmer who loves to feed his two dogs.  It’s fun for me to look back on these photos now and remember him as a one year old that was just starting to walk.  What a difference a year makes!

Robots and Rockets was a natural theme for Charlie’s first birthday because he (ok, maybe his Mama) has had a love affair with all things space right from the beginning.  My client and I worked through the design process using an inspiration board to tie down the look and colors for the party.  The color palette we ended up with was mainly greens and blues with touches of brown and a rich red. I love how the invitation turned out and my favorite part is the “sad astronaut” photo of Charlie in his adorable pajamas.  I’m fairly certain his parents couldn’t have taken a better photo for the invitation if they’d tried.






The party was held at a local park on a very warm day.  Some of the handmade sweets didn’t fare so well in the end, but I think we managed to get pictures of most of it before the literal meltdown.  The adorable robot and planet cake pops were one of the unfortunate victims to the heat.  The cupcakes, brownie bites, homemade marshmallows, mini sweet potato pies, and rice cake all survived for long enough to be enjoyed by the guests though.






Printable party circles were used along with matching scrapbook paper and a gear shaped paper punch to make these cute accordion flower centerpieces.  They were attached to sticks and placed into glass jars filled with “nuts and bolts”.


The birthday boy is Korean, so the party included the traditional first birthday ritual called a Doljabi.  The tradition is to present the birthday child with a selection of items that represent different futures and let them choose one.  Guests are asked to predict which item will be chosen and mark their vote on a raffle ticket.  After the baby picks an item (and therefore predicts his future), a winner is drawn from all of the raffle tickets with that item marked.  I designed a colorful Doljabi poster and matching raffle tickets for this event.  The big outcome was that Charlie will become an engineer when he grows up!


Charlie wore a onesie from Little Korboose featuring an original robot illustration that was perfect for the occasion.  Each guest went home with a matching mini robot doll made by the same Etsy shop … green with pink hearts for the girls and blue with green hearts for the boys.  The favors were packaged in drawstring canvas bags stamped with a little blue robot.


(photo courtesy of Little Korboose)



I’m looking forward to sharing the details about Charlie’s second birthday party very soon!

Party Styling and Printables: a la Mo

Robot Favors and Onesie: Little Korboose 


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