Lemon Fresh Bridal Shower

15_Lemon Shower

Fresh and chic is what my client ordered up for this event.  The word client is a bit of a stretch here since Sandi is really a friend, turned client, turned web developer for my business site/blog.  We appreciate a lot of the same things and we always work together really well.  So, of course, I was thrilled when she approached me about styling a garden themed bridal shower for a good friend of hers!

To get the ball rolling, Sandi gave me some insight into what she was picturing for the shower.  “I got the idea for the garden theme (think more veggies than flowers) as [the bride’s] been recently obsessed with gardening in her backyard, growing lettuce and tomatoes and such. Some random thoughts: lots of lemon things, lots of veggies both in food and in the decor, I just want everything to look fresh! But still chic.”  Add to that a request for a gray + yellow color palette and some picnic inspiration and I had enough to start researching and designing.

My very first thought when I read “tomatoes, lettuce, and lemons” was that I wanted to avoid the stop light effect of the red, green, and yellow color palette that comes to  mind with that selection of produce.   In order to stick with the yellow + gray scheme they were looking for I suggested that we incorporate some green and focus more on Lemons and Herbs in the stationery design.  The idea being that a wider variety of vegetables could be incorporated in the menu and other decor.

Sadly, I was unable to help set up on the day of the event due to a previously sceduled family vacation.  Sandi and the rest of the bridal party did a fantastic job pulling everything together to give the bride a shower that she loved.  And they did all that despite a record breaking heat wave that forced the party indoors.  I love how summery, fresh and feminine everything turned out!

Lemon shower invite 3

Guests  were introduced to the theme with this beautiful invitation.  The invite was  double sided with a picnic inspired yellow gingham pattern on the back side.  We also designed a coordinating registry insert to enclose with the invitation.

Lemon shower food label

8_Lemon Shower

7_Lemon Shower

Lemon shower party pick

Lemon shower straw flags

The menu was inspired by the original gardening theme and included lots of fresh produce and custom touches compliments of a la Mo printables!

Lemon shower games

4_Lemon Shower

We created two different custom bridal shower games to rouse a little bit of competition and to keep the guests engaged while the bride was opening gifts.  Bridal Bingo and Trivia were both a hit!

Lemon shower banner

Lemon shower bunting

Lemon shower bunting 2

Banners were used in the decor to tie in the theme.  Both the banner and the bunting read “From Miss to Mrs.”  I love the tiny clothespins from Etsy seller Cathiefilian that Sandi used to attach the banner and bunting tiles to coordinating bakers twine.

13_Lemon Shower

Lemon shower favor 2

Small jars of homemade Lemon Thyme Salt Scrub made perfect little favors for the guests to take home.  You can find the DIY details over at Food Plus Words.

9_Lemon Shower

Sandi & Yukie: the talented host and the happy bride-to-be!  I am very excited to be working with Yukie on some of the stationery designs for her upcoming wedding.  I’ll share details after the big day!

Party Styling and Custom Printable Stationery: a la Mo
Macarons: Seaside Macarons


  1. Beautiful! Brilliant idea to focus on herbs and lemons instead of all the colorful vegetables in the garden. And well done on the invite and corresponding signs! :)

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