Sunny Day: A Sesame Street Inspired 2nd Birthday


If you didn’t used to have kids, but you have them now, then you know what it is to say “I’ll never (insert parenting behavior here)!” and possibly even judge other parents for said behavior… right up until that moment where you adopt that behavior yourself. That has been me on several occasions since becoming a mom.  One such occasion was me saying, “I’ll never throw character birthday parties for my kids.” I wanted my future kids to have parties that were fun, stylish, and well put together. And I thought that could be accomplished without dragging a big brand or a famous animated face into the picture. It’s true- it can easily be done. But it’s not going to elicit the same level of enthusiasm from your toddler that is in love with a particular movie, show, or character.

The first tv program we watched with our little girl was Sesame Street. It’s a program that I grew up watching and loving, so I felt like I knew and trusted it. Needless to say, my daughter loved it too! She quickly learned all of the characters and some of her first words were their names (or her version of them). It was so sweet and exciting to see her form an attachment to her new Sesame  Street friends. By about 18 months, I knew there was no way around having a Sesame Street inspired 2nd birthday party if I wanted her to absolutely love her special day!

Now, please tell me that I’m not the only one that starts planning their kid’s party 6 months in advance? I was motivated by the challenge of creating a Sesame Street inspired theme that still met my requirements of chic and pretty. My inspiration came from the show’s theme song: “sunny day, sweeping the clouds away…”, and I decided on a basic color palette of golden yellows, gray, and white. Inserting the characters into the decor added pops of red and blue as well.

Despite the theme, the day of the party was not sunny at all. The sun never made an appearance… not even a short one. Elmo himself did make an appearance though, and that more than made up for the sun’s absence. The event was beautiful and it was a fantastic celebration of our baby girl turning 2. It was kind of magical to see it all come together and to share the day with our family and friends.

I’ll share the specifics of some of my DIY projects from the party in a future post. Until then, enjoy the details that were captured by my favorite San Diego child and family photographer, Stills by Hill Photography


Guests were greeted at the front door by a custom Callie Street lamp post. And before you ask, I’ll tell you that it is actually operational. This was definitely one of our more crazy DIY party projects. I think the word my husband used when I approached him about it a week before the party was “insane”. In the end, it was completely worth it though!







We started the party earlier in the day, so the menu was a kid-friendly brunch. Although, I’m pretty sure all my daughter ate for brunch was Elmo cookies!





I created Sesame Street trivia cards and placed them on the tables for the adults to flip through. They contained interesting facts about the show and also about the birthday girl. The trivia made good conversation starters for the adults that weren’t chasing after their toddlers.


Seeing as how it was earlier in the day and most parents don’t want to load their kid up with sugar just before nap time, I kept the dessert table fairly simple. Funfetti and chocolate cupcakes, decorated sugar cookies, and favors were just enough to make the table festive and satisfy the sweet tooths that were in attendance.







Photography: Stills by Hill Photography

Party Styling, Decor, and Printable Stationary: a la Mo



  1. Beautiful work! You are an artist!

  2. Hi, wonderful work…how did you make that yellow flower thingy…it’s beautiful…can i have the tutorial of that. tnx

    • Maureen says:

      Thank you very much! You can search for “paper cone wreath tutorial” to find different versions of the yellow “sun” that I made for this party. The tutorial I loosely followed is from The Frog Prince Paperie.

  3. thank you

  4. This has to be the classiest sesame street party I’ve ever seen! You’re not alone in early planning, my son is actually having a messy birthday party this year and I’m already looking at ideas for next year, lol!

    I absolutely love the sun and the grey clouds, I’m sure it looks so great because you have a grey house, my house it more tanand peach, so I’m not sure it will be the same but I’m definitely saving this as an idea!

    • Maureen says:

      That is such a great compliment… thank you! Good luck with your planning and let me know if I can do anything to help.

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